Mid Week Mindful Moment: Messages Along The Way

When I walk The Albion Prayer Path I have a ritual of tending to the ground on the way in. If rocks have slipped out of place or if a weed (or 100 of them) need to be pulled, I take care of it. On the way out I just walk out, soaking in the energy of the land.

This morning’s walk had me pulling on a pretty strong weed. I didn’t let up and kept pulling. When it came out from the root it pulled quite a bit of soil with it, leaving a hole. I didn’t think much more about it and continued on to the next weed and the next and the next. When I arrived to the center of the path a little feather was there on the ground waiting for me. I picked it up, put it on the center pillar and thought, “The angels are here.”

As I continued to ponder, I thought back to that strong weed. It reminded me that sometimes our habits, our stumbling blocks or even our thought patterns can be well rooted within us. This morning I had a Life Mentoring Therapy Session where some of my thought patterns were examined. This strong weed was a message that even though it was hard to pull out, it came out in one piece. I can rest assured that when I see those old patterns in myself and they seem really tough and rooted that they can be pulled out, too.

As I reversed my walk out of the path and passed by that pulled out weed, I tended to the hole filling it in with soil. I began watering my lilac bushes and pulled a few more weeds from another area of my yard. As my knees were bent and my back hunched over I noticed two Morning Glories. Another message. They reminded me that I can start fresh each day if I choose. I smiled, deliberately let them be and moved on with day.

Today, I am grateful. Grateful for the messages, the synchronicities, the path and the support of others. Grateful for all of the ways in which they help me through.

Namaste. Janay-

Today’s Morning Glories
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