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Ready for some ultimate Me-Time? Leave all of the details to me and allow yourself the time to rejuvenate and renew the natural beauty of your skin.

Pure Elegance
Before and After Stem Cell Package


Stem Cell: Join in the trend that all of Hollywood is using to firm, fill fine lines and regenerate skin. Your skin will be bathed in a specialty peptide and stem cell treatment and nutrient rich caviar infused into your skin to plump and soften wrinkles, taking years off of your appearance. Stem cells repair and rebuild collagen for a long lasting result. Includes 30 mins of LED Red Light Therapy. All skin types except active acne. (See photo above) 100-

Stem Cell Package (One): One Stem Cell treatment + pre-selected at home products. 330-

Stem Cell Package (Three): Three Stem Cell treatments done 1 week apart + pre-selected at home products. Excellent alternative to filler injections. 519-

Pure Elegance: The ultimate in stress relief and relaxation. Gua Sha facial massage improves firmness, banishes bloat, boosts circulation and will leave skin lifted and toned. Crystal frequencies of a professional hand crafted Amethyst or Rose Quartz mask relax and bring comfort to the muscles of the face. Crystal Roller provides lymph drainage and product penetration for petal soft skin. Includes 10 mins of LED Light Therapy and hand treatment. Extractions not included. Not for active acne. 60 mins. 85-

Pure Polish: Brighten, strengthen and fill fine lines with caviar, goats milk and fruit extracts. Smooth and hydrate you’re skin with loads of moisturizer. Body brushing on arms, hand treatment and Amethyst or Rose Quartz Crystal Roller. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. 60 mins. 85-

Firming: Your skin is deeply firmed and lifted with an extraordinary Peptide Lift Mask. Red tones are calmed and rosemary creme brightens. Excellent for age prevention, repair and rosacea. Extractions Included, 60 mins. 70- *Include Neck Mask 78-

Essential: This is the perfect facial to keep your skin clean and clear. Customized each time you come in to be sure all of your skin concerns are addressed. Extractions Included, 60 mins. Excellent for any skin condition, including the most sensitive of faces. 65-

Cellular Excellence: Looking to nourish, deeply hydrate and improve the resistance of your skin from the negative effects of aging? This facial will redefine the contours of your face and leave your skin glowing. Excellent for age prevention and repair. 60 mins. Extractions Included. 70- *Include Detoxifying Eye Pads 75-

Virtual Facial via Zoom: Get everything you need for a relaxing facial shipped to your doorstep. We will set up your virtual facial via Zoom and I will walk you through each step. You will learn hands on self massage techniques, extraction techniques and if you need a little help with brow shaping, it’s covered. Also, if you have a special tool at home like a Gua Sha stone or Jade Roller we will incorporate it. 60 mins. 65-

Virtual Facial Kit (contents vary)


Brow Wax 14-

Lip Wax 8-

Chin Wax 8-

Nose Wax 8-

Lip & Chin Wax 14-

Lip & Nose Wax 14-

Bikini Wax 28-

Brazilian Wax 55- (Women only)



Every Monday in November 2020 beginning November 2nd.

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