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Ready for some ultimate Me-Time? Leave all of the details to me as you join me in my private studio. Allow yourself the time to rejuvenate and renew.

Before and After Stem Cell Package

Color Therapy + Yoga Therapy + Energy Work: Immerse yourself in positive energy and experience this ‘mini get-away’ to recharge. An hour of Therapeutic Yin Yoga followed by a Facial that covers you in color. Precious gemstones are strategically placed on the body imparting frequency support for the Chakras. A Color Therapy crushed gemstone mask designed for mental clarity and “Serenity through Skincare,” further set the tone for your session. Melt tension with a combination of Pressure Point Release, Facial Massage and Reiki. Skin is infused with a 99.9% pure 24k gold serum that increases skin radiance and provides intensive firming. Rich antioxidants soothe and gold brightens the complexion. A crystal face roller enhances absorption and creates a feeling of velvety soft skin. Choose from four colors: Yellow Citrine: Happy Mind + Nourished Skin; Green Jade: Balanced Mind + Soothed Skin; Blue Sapphire: Relaxed Mind + Hydrated Skin; Red Ruby: Recharged Mind + Restored Skin. 2 1/2 hours. 250-

Brighten Up: Infused with the newest generation of bio-available and aromatherapeutic Vitamin C, this Medi-Facial brightens skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Grapefruit Creme and a Pineapple & Black Current Peel off mask deeply nourishes, hydrates and leaves you feeling blissed! Crystal frequencies of a professional hand crafted Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Tigers Eye face mask relax and bring comfort to the muscles of the face. 60 mins. 175-

Stem Cell: Firm, fill fine lines and regenerate skin. A specialty peptide and stem cell treatment and a nutrient rich caviar serum is infused into your skin to plump and soften wrinkles. Stem cells repair and rebuild collagen for a long lasting result. Includes 30 mins of LED Red Light Therapy. All skin types except active acne. 150- Stem Cell Package: Stem Cell treatment facial with 30 minutes of LED Red Light Therapy + two full sized pre-selected Stem Cell & Caviar products for you to use at home. 395-

Beautiful: The perfect companion facial to maintain the results of your injectable fillers or results derived from our Stem Cell facial. Finally, a facial created for those who are looking to extend their results with products chalk full of professional topical fillers, stem cells and the same ingredients that are used in cosmetic injectables, but applied topically. 60 mins. 150-

Frequency & Light: The Creator of this world spoke the words, “Let there be light,” and through sound and light the beginning of everything originated. This facial uses tuning forks that clear the biofield (a bubble of energy that extends out and around the body) and resets the energies that the body carries. A deep cleansing along with 30 mins of LED light, serum & moisturizer finish off this uniquely calm and spiritual treatment. 60 mins. 150-

Pure Elegance: The ultimate in stress relief and relaxation. Gua Sha facial massage improves firmness, diminishes sleep creases and expression lines, banishes bloat, boosts circulation and will leave skin lifted and toned. Crystal frequencies of a professional hand crafted Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Tigers Eye face mask relax and bring comfort to the muscles of the face. Crystal Roller provides lymph drainage and product penetration for petal soft skin. Includes 10 mins of LED Light Therapy. 75 mins. Not for active acne. (See photo above) 150-

Be-Jeweled Gua Sha: Connect to the Ancient Eastern Tradition that has been used for thousands of years. Gua Sha stones and Cupping tools massage facial muscles to relieve tension and smooth lines. Relaxation is deepened as your body lays on a heated Jade & Black Tourmaline Stone mat. A 10 minute Savasana with or without LED, and a Crystal Face Roller finish off this experiential treatment. (Extractions not included.) 60 mins. 125-

Essential: This is the perfect facial to keep your skin clean and clear. Customized each time you come in to be sure all of your skin concerns are addressed. Extractions Included, 60 mins. Excellent for any skin condition, including the most sensitive of faces. 125-

Pure Polish: Brighten, strengthen and fill fine lines with caviar, goats milk and fruit extracts. Smooth and hydrate your skin with loads of moisturizer. Body brushing on arms, hand treatment and Amethyst or Rose Quartz Crystal Roller. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. (Extractions included.) 60 mins. 125-

Firming: Your skin is deeply firmed and lifted with an extraordinary Peptide Lift Mask and Collagen Neck Mask. Red tones are calmed and rosemary creme brightens. Excellent for age prevention, repair and rosacea. Extractions Included, 60 mins. 125-

Add a Private Yoga Session to any Facial: Create your own private mini get-away by adding an hour of private Therapeutic Yin Yoga to your facial. The perfect duo for rejuvenation and renewal. No yoga experience necessary. Add 30-


Add Brow Wax to any Facial 21-

Add Lip Wax to any Facial 13-

Add Chin Wax to any Facial 13-

Add Nose Wax to any Facial 13-

Add Lip & Chin Wax to any Facial 21-

Add Nose & Chin Wax to any Facial 21-

Add Brow & Lip Wax to any Facial 29-

Add Brow & Chin Wax to any Facial 29-

Add Brow Lip & Chin to any Facial 38-

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