Yoga & Workshops

Private Yoga Sessions with Janay start at 20- per 1 hour session.

True Beginners Yoga is for the person who has not exercised in a while or for someone who is looking to “dial-it-down” and create a more mindful approach to their practice. This class includes stretching, fundamentals, repetition and unique movements that relax the nervous system providing an overall sense of calmness. We meet with Janay on Wednesday Morning from 7am-8am. 6- per class. (No class January 15th)

Sound Bath and “I Am” Meditation: Friday January 31st 7-8pm. Bring a donation, dress in layers and allow the sound to fall all around you as Tyler guides you through this amazing experience.

In a Sound Bath vibrational instruments are used to support and cultivate a deep meditative state. It has been proven that sound can be used to lower heart rate, and assist in relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system. A variety of instruments can be used, including crystal singing bowls, gongs, hand drums, chimes, and voice. In this specific sound bath Tyler will lead you through a meditation on introspection and self love. There will be no physical practice offered during the sound bath. Expect to come in, find your favorite Savasana, and meditate while you soak up some good vibes.

Tyler Pitruzzello
Tyler has had a deep love of music and sound for as long as he can remember. When he started practicing yoga he became very interested in how the instructor could use sound to change the feeling of a class. In his daily life he uses music to cultivate moods that support whatever activity he is doing. Wether it is using hip hop to get pumped to rock climb climb, or putting on some lo-fi to mellow out and be productive at work, music is a tool he uses to set his intention. In his classes he uses sound and music to cultivate a space of relaxation and self-inquiry.

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