Yoga & Workshops

Private Yoga Sessions with Janay start at 20- per 1 hour session.

True Beginners Yoga is for the person who has not exercised in a while or for someone who is looking to “dial-it-down” and create a more mindful approach to their practice. This class includes stretching, fundamentals, repetition and unique movements that relax the nervous system, providing an overall sense of calmness. We meet with Janay on Wednesday Morning from 7am-8am. 6- per class. No class on December 25, 2019 or January 1, 2020

Intuitive Meditation Workshop: Surrender

Saturday January 11, 2020 10am-11am at Janay’s Essentials in Burley

Cost: 5- per person. 8- for two if you bring a friend.

We all deal with inner turmoil and have gone through painful experiences. Let’s discover meditation techniques that help us to release what no longer serves us, as well as how to practice creating a mindset that brings peace. Join Janay as she delves into the Niyama: Ishvara Pranidhana or the Act of Surrender.

There are mats, blocks and blankets at the studio, but you may bring a pillow or blanket of your own if you’d like. Dress in layers for comfort and socks are always a good idea. If you cannot sit on the floor, chairs will be provided.

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