I’ve been putting things off, because it isn’t done. The house, the work, the accreditation. Waiting and wishing that things would hurry along so I could get to a point where I could breathe. Today, I realize that “done” will never come. I realized how many breaths it’s taken me to get here…still undone.

2022 Gratitude Walk

Undone has shown me many things over the years. Judgment, fear of judgment and shame. Not enough-ness, control and blame. But, today is different. What is showing up today is a new form of courage. A courage of breaking a chain. A way of walking through the undone anyway. A way of meeting the day. Not behind, not undone, not holding my breath in any way.

Sometimes dreams can take years to materialize. Dream anyway. Sometimes we don’t have the support we hoped for. Find a way to give yourself that support. Sometimes there are too many “No’s.” Ask anyway.

You see, time will tick away no matter what. And I have never known of one single person who met the grave that didn’t have pieces of their life undone. Live anyway.

When our dreams get set on the back burner, keep the heat on low. Keep returning to the pot for a little stir, a little taste. Keep adding ingredients to the stock and let things simmer. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat and add a little salt. Don’t be afraid to offer a bowl to others.

If you are feeling less than, or undone like me, I hope this inspires you to take action towards the big, beautiful bold things you are meant to bring to the world. Surround yourself with something undone and watch what happens.

Namaste. Janay-

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