Mid Week Mindful Moment: Holding My Breath

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I would like to share an observation I noticed about myself this evening. I had two scheduled meetings that I attended just hours ago. One was with a coach who wanted to get together with a group for an informative, personal gathering in regards to her experience in losing her mom this week. The second was a meeting with several local business owners who have committed to hold space for one another through the changes our business’ have been experiencing as we navigate through this global pandemic.

As I got offline from the last meeting, I noticed that I had been sitting through the last two hours holding my breath. The weight of the reality of how many people’s hands have been tied in unprecedented, unusual ways and who are living moment to moment in complete unpredictability had just hit me.

After I exhaled, I realized that when I thought I was showing up to these meetings to support others, it was me who was being gifted with support. I realized the importance of showing up however I can, whenever I can. I’ve had people tell me that they probably think I am tired of seeing their faces on Facebook or on Instagram, when in reality I have marked my calendar and have been chomping at the bit in anticipation of connection.

Even though many of us are facing some of the most difficult experiences, our desire to continue to come to each other’s aid in whatever way possible has been one of the most beautiful things I have experienced.

We are all navigating a different set of circumstances and the waves of emotions are hitting us all at different times, at a different force. So, just for today or just for this moment, let’s allow the support of the exhale to come in. To refresh our spirit. To value the communities, the different circles we inhabit, as they show us it’s okay to breathe.

Namaste. Janay.

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