Mid Week Mindful Moment: Finding Vitality

When the whole world came to a stop I can only describe it as feeling a little like getting whiplash. Everything happened so fast, I had a splitting headache and I was in shock at what just happened.

When I was told I had to shut down my brick and mortar business I could feel my adrenals taking over. Immediately, I was packing my car up with retail products, turning down the heat in the soon to be empty building and found myself running around crazily trying to get things done that I knew I wouldn’t have access to for a while. I was in that that “running like a chicken with its head cut off” state.

The first few nights I slept really well and was able to calm my nerves with foot soaks and guided meditations. I busied myself with home repairs and housework. Was on social media way too much and really had a case of the munchies. My body had shifted deeper into a dorsal state. Wanting to withdraw. This morning I woke up in a bit of depression and knew I had to do something different. I had to break yet another nervous system cycle.

Vitality is what came to mind. I had to reclaim it. Luckily, I was gifted a free Zoom fitness workout class this morning from Jay Nixon’s Thrive Forever Fit Facebook group. The perfect shift my body needed. I almost didn’t make it, though. When the invite came through, my computer mouse’s batteries were dead and I wasn’t sure when I would make it to the store. I was ready to throw in the towel and crawl back into my hole. Then I remembered that my husband, Mark, borrowed the batteries from a flashlight and got the mouse going yesterday morning. Score!

This workout turned me around. I could feel the core of my vitality coming back to life. I was smiling and felt connected with the group since it was a Live. During this time, I encourage you to find those people that are connecting Live and connecting with a positive format. We crave connection as mammals and I imagine that we will be riding a roller coaster of emotions for a while. Living with vitality is part of creating the resilience we need to get through this as a person living in these uncertain times.

We never truly know what tomorrow will bring, and during this time that aspect has not changed. Most of us, however, have been removed from our normal routine and are having multiple adjustments to make. My advice is to self regulate. Assess where you are several times per day. Ask yourself questions like, “How will I show up in my life today?” Several times a day bring a hand to your heart or rest it on one of your shoulders and remind yourself that you are still living in the right here, right now. Become aware of the cycles of anxiety, depression or withdrawal that you may be experiencing, and reach out for help if you are unsure of what to do.

I wish you peace. I wish you health. I wish you safety. I wish you happiness. Namaste. Janay-

Finding My Vitality #sweatyselfie
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