Mid Week Mindful Moment: Looking Back

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment let’s project ourselves into the future and look back at where we were during this pandemic. This was an exercise given to me by a meditation coach back in April and I then passed it on to my workshop attendees. Just this morning I stumbled across, “A humble opinion on a successful post-pandemic world,” PBS, that a business coach posted on social media. Oh, this is where this assignment came from.

Why is this good? What went through my mind was, if I were to look back, it immediately put me in survivorship. That’s a big deal especially because we know how the body responds to thought. I could almost feel my immune system jump for joy as my body chose life, instead of fear. Secondly, I was able to imagine my future from a good place. One of prosperity, remembering, as I was relaying to my future lineage the story of where I was and how I saw the world. It empowered me.

Take the challenge today…don’t hesitate. Looking back, what do you see?

Namaste. Janay-

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