Mid Week Mindful Moment: Who Am I?

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I wanted to share my morning. This morning I woke up, did my yoga workout, meditated, showered, ate and then delved into my morning devotional. All the while in the back of my mind I kept thinking about the LIVE I was getting ready to do on Facebook about my word of the year. How would I introduce myself? I am so many things. Where is my focus? Have you ever been asked to create your elevator speech and then forget it as soon as someone asks you what you do?

It is true, I do wear a lot of hats! Mom, wife, esthetician, yogi, mindfulness coach, lover of all things involving “Me-Time” (and sharing those things), writer, teacher, business owner as well as meditation expert. This got me thinking about you. I am sure you have many hats as well, maybe more than I have. What do we do with all of that?

My conclusion is that we live. Yes, live. For myself, I try to live each of those roles not only for myself to be happy, but to try to understand and love the people in my life. All of the things I define myself as mean nothing without the ones I come into contact with. This includes my spiritual connection, but this is not my focus for today.

In my devotional, A Course In Miracles, I came across a line that read, “ …in every attack you call upon your own weakness, while every time you forgive you call upon the strength of Christ…” (or Love, or the Universe…or whatever floats your personal spiritual boat). To me, this means that we must start looking at ourselves and at others as a gift that continues to point us in the direction of who we want to be. To look at what we want to hold onto and what we need to let go of. To look at every relationship as a teacher of refinement.

My word for 2020 is Legend. At the start of this year I am using this word to create a key to my map. A map of who I am. A critical eye of how I react, live and love. Can it be done with more grace, less shame and with more heart? We shall see. This morning’s devotional ended with…”I would remember this because I want to be happy.”

So, who am I? Today, I would say that I am a person learning to be happy. What about you? Who are you?

Namaste. Janay-

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