Mid Week Mindful Moment: Love

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I wanted to first acknowledge that it isn’t mid-week, but I wanted to share this paper that I wrote about love during a Receiving Workshop.

Today I taught a workshop on Surrender, where I invited the participants to look at their desire for control through love. To even ask themselves what might be the loving response to a situation that has been troubling. To lessen the grip.

As you read this, please substitute your own name in the place of mine. We are so deserving of loving ourselves, even through our imperfections.

“Look inward, Janay, and find the love that you are. Guess what? It’s there. Guess what? It’s okay. It’s time to bathe in this love, revel in this love, wrap this love around you like a royal robe heavy with warmth and wealth. Janay, feel this love that you are get large. Bigger than you could have ever imagined it could become. Allow this love to expand inwardly and outwardly, creating an expansion that glows around you. Allow it to light up your eyes and your face, your heart and your brain. Feel into this place and trust that it belongs to you. It beckons to know you, save you, stay with you. Honor this love for how sacred it is. Feel into this love for how secure and ever giving it is. Janay, choose to see this love and keep it alive. It is always with you. Tap in. Make time. Glow and bask. Janay, I love you. I love the love that you are.”

Maybe I should have saved this for February, but life has a way bringing things to the forefront, so I am led to share this today. And I urge you to never dim the light to love, especially to the love that is you.

Namaste. Janay-

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