Mid Week Mindful Moment: The Butterfly Lady

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I wanted to tell you why I love butterflies. First of all, they are amazing creatures. Secondly, they are transformational like no other. Lastly, they are a reminder that life comes in stages.

We are all multi-faceted individuals with different areas of growth. The butterfly reminds us that we may be rocking it out and flying high in one area of our life and crawling along pretty slow in another. We may have ideas that are just at the beginning egg stage or we may need to retreat, rethink and transform what it is we are doing.

I became aware of the butterfly symbol in the 2000’s when a friend of mine came to visit. She had told me that she was really into butterflies. I remember thinking, “Is that a thing?” Just a couple of years later another friend introduced me to the movie, “The Secret.” When I started researching the law of attraction I found Lori Hamann‘s, “Butterfly Experiment,” a program where she taught her participants how to manifest by focusing on butterflies.

It was winter time and I remember wondering, “Where in the heck am I going to find a butterfly?” During this free program I discovered the magic of manifestation. The magic of the fact that what we focus on comes to us. I began to see butterflies everywhere. This time of practice brought curiosity and enjoyment back into my life. A sense of wonder I had not felt for many years.

The butterfly has continued to be an important reminder of the creation of my life. It is the reason I can give myself grace during my growth phases, my vulnerable places and allows me to celebrate when I fly. It allows me to cocoon up and dream of beautiful things to come, and to be patient through the caterpillar stages when things may seem like they are not moving quite fast enough.

The butterfly fluttered softly into my life and like the strength and determination it takes to climb out of the cocoon, beat her wings and fly away to new adventures, she in turn gave me hope that it could be the same for me🦋

Namaste. Janay-

A visitor at The Lone Pine, in Albion
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