Mid Week Mindful Moment: What If I Changed My Mind?

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I am sharing a poem I wrote. Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut or angry or disappointed, hurt, confused or just tired. Am I safe in assuming that you’ve felt these emotions, too? My goal in life is to never stay in those negative feelings.

During my yoga teacher training I learned that emotions are a chemical reaction in our brain. They just pop up. The interesting part, though, is that the chemical reaction only lasts for 90 seconds. After those 90 seconds have passed, if we are still feeling the emotion it is because we are hanging on to it. This is certainly great if the emotion is love or happiness or peace, but not so great when it is anger or disappointment.

This information gave me some scientific support in taking responsibility for how I carry my feelings into my future. Don’t get me wrong, it still gets rough in the moment. 90 seconds can seem like an eternity when embarrassment or anger hits, but this new awareness can help remove destructive thoughts. Especially, if I can be present enough to change my mind.

Please take the time to be real with yourself and sit through your emotions as they arise. Be slow to speak, and aware that we have the ability to let things go. Surround yourself with beautiful reminders of what Connection, Community and Care looks like to you. Step into it freely, with grace.

“Burn And Release Inner Anger

What if I changed my mind?

Could it be done? What would I find?

Could curiosity connect to the new, the beautiful, the exciting parts of life?

What if I changed my mind?

Gave myself a chance to unwind?

Cut through the guilt, the crap, the bind.

I’m tired, I’m tired of running away.

What if I changed my mind?” -Janay Robinson


Namaste. Janay-

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