Mid Week Mindful Moment: Meet and Greet

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I wanted us to think about how we show up to wherever it is we go. For example, when I get to work I open the door, drop my bags, turn the lights on and move about getting ready for my work. When I get home, I walk through the door, set down my bags, collect what need out of my car and start putting things away. If you’re like me, you understand this.

What I’d like to explore today is what if when we got to where we were going we took a moment, a couple of seconds, to notice where we just arrived? Looked around, felt the temperature of the room and met the space we just entered? Connected to work or home or wherever? Could we meet and greet the piece of earth we just stepped out onto?

In my mind, this can create a grounding, a sense of peace and calm. A connection other than plopping on the couch and escaping into tv or housework. A time to notice the good energy that we work hard to bring into those spaces.

I have decided to implement this short practice into my daily life to inspire presence. I am also implementing a morning and evening grounding meditation before leaving and after returning home to connect with the sacred space of where I live. What a beautiful way to honor the places we meet daily.

I hope that you too will take time to honor and love the energy of the earth that you step out into on a regular basis.

Namaste. Janay-

PS: If you are interested in helping me create an outdoor meditation space that will be open to community functions, please send donations, even if it is only a dollar, to:

Lone Pine Yoga, LLC

PO Box 114

Albion, Idaho 83311

Any and all donations most graciously accepted. J-

The Lone Pine
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