Mid Week Mindful Moment: Where Do We Go From Here?

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment the question I ask is, “Where do we go from here?” When division is at the forefront, where do we go from here? Yes, I am speaking of the United States Presidential election, but more so of the numerous decisions the people of this beautiful country are currently facing.

When division is at hand, where is the middle ground? Let’s face it, there is usually very little of it or has disappeared completely. Democracy was created to prevent radical movement in either direction, and as I see it Lady Liberty’s scale is just about evenly balanced. Not a lot of movement is happening in either direction. We are all experiencing gridlock. I am not a political genius, so let this blog be less about politics, more about the act of give and take.

Think for a moment of the Los Angeles freeways during gridlock. No one is going anywhere and everyone is mad. If I yield to let someone in, it will postpone my arrival to my destination. If I push through, sucking up all the space, it creates anger in the other drivers. Think about those moments when someone yields and let’s you in. I personally experience a bit of relief and the words, ‘thank you,’ leave my lips or I extend a kind wave in the rear view window. I make a strong effort to let the person who created some space for me to be acknowledged. I feel seen and respected and more apt to extend the same kindness moving forward. How does it feel to you?

I personally think this election is showing democracy at its finest, but instead of noticing where we lack in coming together, it is being viewed as a stand off. Where can we as individuals open the door back up to true conversion about the issues that are happening in America, instead of closing the door to community? Where is the resistance coming from? Community isn’t about always getting our way. It is about getting to know and appreciate the differences while finding the solutions with the intention of what is the highest good for all.

In yoga we use the word, Namaste. And what Namaste translates to is, “I honor the light in you. You honor the light in me.” As human beings, regardless of country or political position, let’s bring honor back into listening, learning and looking for the light in each other. This is where the middle ground lives. Let me repeat that. This is where the middle ground lives. The space between the hard edges of the pendulum.

If you are filled with the stress of uncertainty, notice it. Be with it. What is your body feeling? Tightness, rigidity, fear? Breathe into it. Acknowledge it, and look for any wise action that you can personally take that encourages a positive movement towards equanimity. I guarantee, you will begin to notice a softening of your anxieties.

This isn’t time for war, division or hatred. It is a time to look for common ground. What would it look like to create room for diversity, respect and space to notice each other again? To understand each other again? Just for today let’s bring notice to humanity. To the living, breathing human beings we see on social media or in person every day. Just for today…Namaste.

Old Glory at The Lone Pine


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