Getting Grounded

In today’s Mid Week Mindful Moment I wanted to talk about the need of being grounded. What the word grounded means to me is balanced, steady and in tune.

In life we are constantly traveling through transitional distractions. Going from one place to another can sometimes not go as smoothly as we’d like. Traffic, family obligations, illness or just arriving in an unfamiliar place can create chaos and brain fog.

Have you ever described someone as flighty or flakey? Have you ever looked back at a particular time in your life and realized that you had been living in a bubble? These are the times when we lose our natural intuition abilities, make mistakes or react out of anger. These are the times it is beneficial to recreate that balance by adding in moments of grounding.

Grounding gives us the opportunity to center into the present moment. To feel the earth beneath our feet. To take some breaths and clear our minds. And guess what? It doesn’t take long to do. A brisk walk around your office or, if you are lucky enough, outside can be the antidote you are looking for. Placing your feet level on the ground as you are sitting in a chair and closing your eyes for a moment feeling the magnetism of the earth force is another way to get grounded.

By bringing the simple exercise of grounding into your daily practice you just might bring more steadiness and balance to your life. Seriously, we can all use a little more of that!

If you are interested: The beautiful practice of grounding was first taught to me many years ago by Linda Prefontaine, and I would love to share with you the process that she passed on to me. If you are in my local area, I am offering a free guided grounding meditation in a live setting on Friday June 28th from 12:30pm-1pm at my studio. I would love to see you. Namaste. Janay-

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